About Us

Work spread worldwide; South Africa, South America, Middle East, Eastern Europe and US; everywhere where there are film animals required.

Who We Are ?

Whilst living in England, I took the opportunity putting years of experience in dog training into practice as animal trainer in filming. Followed by 8 years being partner in Academic Animals, Belgium. Since living in Holland again I started my own company in 1997.
My specialization is working with dogs and cats.


We can provide any animal anywhere in the world. After the introduction of the Pet Travel Scheme, all star-animals of Animal Artists have their own official passport to travel to England and all other countries requiring this document, at any moment. We are well organized to obtain the necessary travel documents for many kinds of animals all over the world.

Company policy

Trainers follow seminars and workshops to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in animal behaviour and training methods. In recent years there is a worldwide interest in ethology. These insights in animal behaviour we apply in our preparation of the animals for filming. Our main aim is to make the ‘work’ fun for them, create the right circumstances to avoid stress. The performance of the animals shows a relaxed, natural element, which can never be achieved when they have to work under pressure.

Meet The Team

With the growing demand for all kinds of animals, there are now specialists in Animal Artists for different species, such as dogs, cats, birds, primates, reptiles, insects, horses, farm animals etc. All jobs are coordinated and managed by Tineke.

  • Tineke

    Professional animal trainer for the film industry since 1989. 1989-1997 Academic Animals Belgium. Started Animal Artists Holland in 1997.

  • Harry

    Harry has 20 years of experience in filming with all sorts of animals. He specialises in birds but also farm animals and dogs.

  • Katinka

    Veterinary doctor. Katinka is also an experienced film trainer and set vet for all commercials/films aired in England.

  • Linda

    Veterinary nurse since 2004. Dog training instructor from 2003 - 2008. Linda started as film trainer in 2016 and is still working part-time in a veterinary clinic.